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Who We Serve


We guide people to

LIVE, LEAD and LOVE fearlessly.

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How do you balance your lifestyle spending with saving for your future?

Who can you trust to help make independent, smart financial decisions?

You’re young and healthy now but what happens if you get sick?

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How can you grow revenues while preserving what you’ve built?
Who are the future leaders of the company and how do you retain them?
When the time comes, what’s the most tax-efficient way to exit the company?

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How do you best preserve wealth for future generations?
What are the tax consequences of your estate plan?
How will you ensure your family inherits wealth responsibly?

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EJS Financial Management’s Founder, Emory J. Smith’s life long passion for helping people plan their financial lives led him from reading The Millionaire Mind as a teenager in Dallas to managing estate planning and asset protection insurance programs for many prestigious clients at a boutique financial services company in Phoenix.

After nine successful years as Senior Vice President of that company, Emory could no longer ignore the fact that many important relationships weren’t receiving the depth of expertise and service they deserved from their insurance advisors.

Emory began to share the knowledge and experience he accumulated while working with world-class business owners, Hall of Fame athletes and celebrated entertainers to help those he cared about most.

And in 2014, EJS Financial Management was born.


We help clients uncover, understand and answer their toughest financial questions to address the needs of today and tomorrow.


Emory J. Smith holds a Bachelors of Science degree (magna cum laude) from the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University. Emory is a 15-year veteran of the high net worth financial services industry and contributes to numerous national media publications. He holds Life, Health, Property and Casualty Insurance Licenses, and serves clients through active professional and community involvement:

  • Central Arizona Estate Planning Council (Board of Directors)
  • National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors – Phoenix Chapter (Past President).
  • W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University (Alumni Mentor)
  • Make A Wish Arizona (Wishmakers Council)
  • Valley of the Sun United Way (Legacy Society Task Force)
  • HonorHealth Foundation (Financial Health Advisory Committee)
  • Valley Partnership (Golf Tournament Co-Chair)
  • Urban Land Institute (Member)
  • Numerous Tax and Estate Planning study groups (Member)

Most of all, Emory enjoys spending as much time as possible with his Wife Katie and their son.

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