Millionaire Man With Absolutely No Plan

The Millionaire Man…With Absolutely No Plan

CNBC’s 2015 Millionaire Poll found nearly two out of every five millionaires with assets of $1M to $5M have absolutely no estate plan — a staggering $4 Trillion of American wealth simply left to chance.   Read the Article

Giving Pledge

Young, Wealthy AND Generous?!

Recent study results showed the largest groups of givers are the youngest and wealthiest, who donate more than 25 cents of every dollar they have – almost double the national average. Read the Article

Failing Grade

Students are Flunking Personal Financial Literacy

65% of survey respondents gave themselves grades of C, D, and F when asked to rate their own personal financial literacy.  The desire to learn exists, but students lack a knowledge foundation and underutilize available resources. Read the Article